Scorpion was teleported throughout the realmes to search for the Princess. He runs into the Joker who gives much reason to hurt him, Wonder Woman, who isnt the princess he is looking for, and Superman who is new to his magic based skills. He finally finds Princess Kitana, who is infected with the kombat rage, and is able to hold her off until Quan Chi surpress the rage. Quan Chi brings Kitana back to Raiden and gains his trust.



Sub-Zero goes to Raiden for information about the new invaders. In order for them to know more they need to find Quan Chi. Sub-Zero goes off looking for Scorpion in hopes he'll find Quan Chi. He follows Scorpion's trail into Gathem where he meets Deatstroke. Scorpion's trail takes Sub-Zero to the Bat Cave where he fights the Dark Knight. He finally finds Quan Chi after he was pulled into the Netherrealm by Scorpion.

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